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Finally, it is time to start planning and implementing plans for your
business’s “GRAND REOPENING”. A reopening is exactly how you should
consider your safe restart. The good news is, you are not starting from
scratch. You have experience, past and current customers, plus the
determination to press on. Following are a few tips and ideas on how you
could restart your business, but rebuild it better and more profitable.
This information will help your business grow even if you never closed.

Recovery Step-1 – Contact your present and past customers, patients or
clients. Let them know you are reopening, or have already reopened;
however, add a new twist to it. Instead of making it about you, make it
about them by giving them an inexpensive appreciation gift with high
perceived value. This way you will be showing them your appreciation for
their past or present business.

This would be an ideal practice to continue as appointments and services
are completed both now and after you have rebuilt your business. Our
ThankUGift Systems can help you with this. But for now, start contacting
your current and past customers, patients or clients, simply stating: “We
sincerely appreciate your previous, and hopefully future, business with
us. Because of your patronage we have an extra-special appreciation gift
for you. Simply visit ***Website URL*** for your gift. Thanks Again!” We
will provide a special website address you can give to them, even over
the phone. You can start contacting them by postcard, letter, or even
telephone or call service.

Recovery Step-2 – Advertise your reopening. This may be little hard
financially but necessary. You could advertise in local classifieds,
Craigslist and other local publication at a reasonable cost. Even
Facebook local targeted ads could help bring customers for as little as
$5 per day. If you include your website address in ads, our and systems could dramatically increase
prospect feedback and leads.

Recovery Step-3 – Always tell and show your customers, patients or
clients you appreciate them. Showing appreciation has become a lost art
in the last 20 or 30 years; especially in business. How can any local
offline business expect their customers, patients or clients to be loyal
and refer others if the owners or staffs don’t show appreciation? Our
ThankUGift system is the ideal semi-automated way to show your
appreciation; plus help build your Google online reputation.

Recovery & Beyond Step-4 – In the internet marketing world there is a
saying “The Money Is In The List”, this is just as true for offline
businesses, though very few implement the practice or know how. A
customer, patient, client, prospect and even website visitors list would
give you a quick, easy and cheap way to contact people about new offers,
notifications, and information you want to share. Every email sent will
keep your business in the minds of people familiar with you, plus an
opportunity for referrals. Our ThankUGift and GiftBot Leads systems will
help you build a list to use both now and in the future.

We sincerely hope this email has given you some ideas on rebuilding your
business during the Covid-19 recovery.

Leo Wiles Jr.
ThankUGift & GiftBot Leads Systems Administrator

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